Tensions Renew in Qamishli after PYD Militias Arrested an NDF Commander

Assad regime-affiliated NDF commander Hasan al-Hwait (right) standing next to Brigadier General Hasan Mohamad the ex-military commander of Hasaka province (left)

On Tuesday, al-Qamishli city in Hasakah countryside witnessed a new tension between Assad regime-affiliated National Defence Forces NDF and Democratic Union Party militias after the efforts to release an NDF commander who was arrested by YPG week ago failed.

NSO reporter said “Hamo National Defence Center” personnel which is led by Assad regime Parliament Hasan al-Sallomi set up a checkpoint on Tuesday morning in Tay district and arrested 2 Arab YPG fighters after YPG arrested NDF commander Hasan al-Hawit last Thursday.

A close source to al-Hawit told NSO reporter that the checkpoint’s personnel released the 2 YPG fighters after 2 hours following an intervention from NDF chief commander in Qamishli city Captain Shadi Saad, the checkpoint is still in the area to arrest other YPG fighters amid calls from Assad regime officers to arrest more PYD personnel in retaliation to PYD detaining al-Hawit, adding that they will intervene to release al-Hawit.

A source from al-Hawit family told NSO that PYD checkpoint in Hittin Crossing on the road between Hasakah and Qamishli stopped the bus which al-Hawit was taking on last Thursday on his way back from Hasakah city after he was accompanying his daughter who was registering her certificates at Education Directorate, and after the checkpoint’s personnel finished checking all IDs one of them asked al-Hawit to leave the bus and they arrested him.

The source continues that when al-Hawit’s daughter asked the checkpoint’s personnel why they arrested him they told her it is for security reasons and will release him soon and ordered her to go back to the bus and ordered the driver to move, then members of his family informed the Qamishli NDF chief commander Captain Shadi Saad who promised them that he will be released soon like what the communication officer between Assad regime and PYD General Mohamad Deib promised them but it never happened.

Meanwhile, Hamo NDF Center fighters tried to kidnap 2 of PYD militias but the al-Hawit’s family refused this in fear of their son’s life in addition to local mediation by Ghaleb al-Hamandi who is close to YPG but he failed.

The source close to al-Hawit told NSO reporter that his family and friends have been trying to know where he is kidnapped for 6 days, saying they went to PYD “General Security” building in al-Rigi area in Qamishli city where they told him that he is detained for investigation in Amude town and will soon be transferred to Qamishli city to be released but the family knew nothing about his whereabouts.

Worth to mention that NDF commander Hasan al-Hawit was also detained by YPG before on 2014 in al-Swais Street in Qamishli city then released on the same day.

On 22 February, YPG arrested another NDF commander called Abudlaziz al-Ghanam who is considered the founder of Qamishli Countryside NDF Branch then released him after his fighters threatened to attack YPG bases and headquarters.

الدفاع الوطني حزب الاتحاد الديمقراطي القامشلي النظام الأسد وحدات حماية الشعب مركز حامو

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