Russian Warplanes Kill at least 16 Children in Airstrikes on a Cave they were Taking Shelter in it in Idlib Countryside

Civil Defense while rescuing civilians in the cave which was targeted by Russian airstrikes in Kaferbatikh in Idlib countryside

On Wednesday, more than 20 civilians majority are women and children were killed in Russian airstrikes on a cave where civilians take shelter on the outskirts of Kaferbatikh village near Saraqib in south Idlib while others were killed in barrel bombs on Jisr al-Shoghour in Idlib western countryside.

Local activists told NSO reporter that Russian warplanes targeted the cave in Kaferbatikh village and said local civilians use this cave as a shelter when the village is being bombed.

Locals added that this airstrike killed at least 22 civilians including 16 children and 3 women and said the numbers could be higher because search and rescue teams are still searching the scene.

Syria Civil Defense in Idlib province said the children fled from the village’s school when the airstrikes started and took shelter in the cave but Russian warplanes targeted the cave after they went to which killed more than 10 children.

Meanwhile, a civilian was killed and a woman injured in Jisr al-Shoghour in Idlib western countryside when Assad regime helicopters dropped 4 barrel bombs on civilians neighbourhoods while al-Tamanaa town in south Idlib witnessed Russian airstrikes caused damage in civilians’ properties in addition to similar airstrikes on Hirsh al-Qasabye area near Khan Shykhon but with no injuries.

Idlib province has been witnessing an aerial bombardment and artillery shelling on the southern and western countryside following a relatively calm period during the infighting between “Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham HTS” and “Jabhet Tahrir Syria JTS” following days of intense aerial bombardment on Idlib southern and eastern countryside caused hundreds of civilians casualties and displaced thousands.

سوريا ادلب قصف ضحايا اطفال قوات النظام روسيا الدفاع المدني سراقب براميل متفجرة غارات حربية

Joud Alshmale

Editor and reporter

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