Fighters from Assyrian Sutoro Forces Join Military Service with Assad Regime in Qamishli

The entrance of Regiment 154 in Qamishli

85 fighters from Sutoro forces which were formed in early 2013 to protect Christian Assyrian in Qamishli are attending a military training inside the Battalion 88 in the Regiment 154 with Assad regime army to be later sent to Sutoro headquarter in al-Wasta neighbourhood in Qamishli city.

This military training course comes after Assad regime opened a center for men who fled or didn’t join the military service in the Regiment 154 in Qamishli city 2 months ago, the Russian delegation in the city’s airport with Christian priests were able to convince Assad regime Ministry of Defense that the Assyrian men who defected or fled the military service can go serve from inside Sutoro headquarter in al-Wasta neighborhood and receive weapons, IDs and salaries from the Regiment 154.

NSO reporter obtained information from inside Regiment 154 where more than 900 men joined since the center was open, reporter said that the men were divided into 3 battalions like Battalion 79 which is for men who defected from Assad regime army and they are 325 men led by a Captain called Hussam, Battalion 23 is for men who didn’t join the military service or been called up and it contains 500 men and led by Colonel Ali Shorba and the Battalion 88 which is for Sutoro under the observation of First Lieutenant Rabi’a al-Jardy and contains 85 men.

Our reporter said that 25 personnel from Battalion 79 defected due to the bad treatment and discrimination from the officers who give them terrible food and prevent them from having days off.

Sutoro forces were formed in early 2013 to protect Assyrian neighborhoods and areas in Hasakah province following an agreement between 4 sides and they are the Assyrian Democratic Organization(anti-Assad regime) Assyrian Union Party(partner of PYD-led Self-Autonomous Administration) in addition to “Mother Syria” youth union and the Christian civil Union, all parts agreed that the forces will be independent and not led by any side but the agreement wasn’t met by sides which divided the forces into 2 division one with the regime and the other with Kurdish Democratic Union Party PYD.

Pro-regime Sutoro consist of Mother Syria Youth Union and Christian Union Party and they are managed by Military Intelligence branch and receive training, salaries and weapons from National Defense Forces NDF militia, they are less than 300 fighters and stationed in al-Wasta neighborhood inside the city and was formed by businessman Ahyqar Eissa and Yaqoub Eissa who owns al-Rafedin Transportation Company with the help from the ex-head of the Military Intelligence in Hasaka General Ali Diab.

The second part of Sutoro is known also as “Assyrian Military Council” and it is the armed wing of Assyrian Union party and led by Malki Rabo, it is connected military and politically with Democratic Union Party PYD which supports it, it contains around 500 fighters who are stationed in the western neighborhood of al-Qamishli city.

سوريا الحسكة القامشلي السوتورو نظام الاسد الخدمة الالزامية مطارات روسيا المجلس العسكري السرياني

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