International Coalition Announce the Death of Two Personnel in Syria Following an Attack on US Forces in Manbij

US armoured vehicles in Manbij

The Coalition said in a statement that 2 Coalition personnel were killed and other 5 were injured in an IED explosion in Syria around 9 GMT on 29 March.

On Friday, anti-ISIS International Coalition announced the death of 2 personnel in addition to 5 others injured in an IED explosion in Syria on Thursday night.

The coalition added that the injured personnel were treated and transferred to receive more medical care adding that the names of the killed soldiers will be announced at the discretion of the pertinent national authorities.

The statement didn’t mention any details about the circumstances related the incident but said the investigations are still ongoing.

On Thursday, NSO reporter in Manbij said an IED targeted American armoured vehicles near al-Sheikh Aqeel cemetery in south Manbij city in Aleppo eastern countryside, adding that an American helicopter landed near the area to transfer the injuries.

Our reporter reported unconfirmed reports of the death of 2 American soldiers in the explosion in Manbij yesterday last night according to information from a commander in SDF, the death of soldiers which is mentioned in Coalition statement is probably related to the explosion in Manbij yesterday.


The statement which was issued by the International Coalition and admitted the death of 2 personnel in an explosion in Syria


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