Death Haunting the Displaced from Ghouta and Killing Dozens in Different Areas in Idlib Countryside

Residential area in Ariha city in Idlib countryside after being hit by aerial shelling

Dozens of civilians, including children, women and displaced people, were killed and wounded from the Eastern Gouta on Saturday as a result of raids by Russian warplanes and Assad regime on the city of Ariha and the towns of Basnaquol and al-dana in Idlib countryside, While six died of al-Ghouta and others were injured in a traffic accident in the area of al-Tamiza in Hama countryside.

Civil Defense and activists on social media websites said that three women and a displaced from the town of Zamalka were killed and nine others, mostly children and women, were injured in a Russian air strike targetted residential neighborhoods in Ariha city in Idlib countryside. They are Nour Baidaq and her daughter Hala Baidaq, and Hassan Mohiuddin.

The regime warplanes also targeted a residential house in the town of Basnaquol in Idlib southern countryside, killing five children and three women, including Zina Musa Sijnawi and Mohammed Hamid Abdul Razzaq (an infant).

In the meantime, a father and his son, Khalid Methqal al-Ahmad and Ahmed Methqal al-Ahmad, displaced from Hama eastern countryside, were killed in raids by Russian warplanes on the town of al-Dana in the northern countryside.

Civil defense teams in Idlib province are working on more than one axis after a series of raids targetted different parts of the province. saying that they are still picking up the wounded and those trapped under the rubble and move them to the nearest medical points.

Although Idlib witnessed a relatively quiet last month after a heavy bombardment on civilians and destructing of much of the infrastructure, the attacks of the Assad regime and Russia have renewed in the past week, leaving dozens of civilian casualties, as well as material damage.

On the other hand, six displaced people from Eastern al-Ghouta died and 17 others were injured in a traffic accident in which the convoy was traveling at al-Tamiza area in Hama countryside.

سوريا ادلب تهجير الغوطة دمشق قوات الاسد قصف روسيا ضحايا الدفاع المدني اريحا

Joud Alshmale

Editor and reporter

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