Asayish Forces Confiscate Internet Routers in Raqqa City

Civilians in front of Internet Cards shop in al-Shaddadi in south Hasakah-Archive

PYD-affiliated Asayish forces, knowns as General Security Forces, started lately confiscate internet routers in Raqqa city

NSO reporter in Raqqa city said Asayish forces confiscated majority of internet routers inside internet cafes in the city, which forces civilians to use internet from inside the internet cafes, the confiscated routers broadcast wireless internet and allow civilians to use it from their homes or in the streets but confiscating it make it easier to investigate users who are forced to use internet in internet cafes

The confiscating targeted more than 20 shops in al-Mashlap neighbourhood in east Raqqa where Asayish personnel confiscated all routers on roofs or inside the houses by following the wireless signal.

NSO reporter obtained names of shops where Asayish confiscated routers such as : Sarma, alFahed, Asienet, Hamoudy net, Khaleel net, and AlBardan net, the routers price is more than 100$.

One of internet shops owner in Raqqa called Mohamad told NSO that 2 Asayish vehicles carrying personnel came to his shop and went to the roof to confiscate all the routers then asked him about other devices and he told them because he knew they will keep searching until they found them.

Locals saying that Asayish forces will close all unlicensed internet shops which are more than 100 shops but will keep the 24 licensed by PYD-led “Self-Autonomous Administration”.

Syrian Democratic Forces SDF allowed al-Mashlap neighbourhood residents to go back to their houses in November 2017 after leaving it for 4 months due to battles between ISIS and SDF.

سوريا الرقة داعش انترنت قسد كرد عرب النصرة الثورة السورية عفرين الاساييش الادارة الذاتية العراق دير الزور

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