Civilians Casualties in Shelling on Ariha City in South Idlib for the Fourth Day

Civil Defense teams while rescuing civilians aftermath Assad regime airstrikes on Ariha city

On Wednesday, a woman and a child were killed and 20 civilians were injured in aerial and artillery bombardment by Assad regime on several areas in Idlib southern and western countryside while other civilians injured in a similar shelling on Aleppo southern countryside.

Syria Civil Defense (White Helmets) said on its official accounts on social media that more than 10 civilians were injured in regime airstrikes on the civilian neighbourhoods in Ariha city south Idlib, the city has been witnessing airstrikes for the fourth day.

Local activists said the shelling on Ariha city killed a woman and a child and injured 15 civilians while airstrikes caused damage in civilians’ houses.

Meanwhile, 3 civilians and a child were injured in regime shelling on a market in nearby al-bara town according to Civil Defense in Idlib province who added that 2 other civilians were injured in similar airstrikes on civilian neighbourhoods in Kansafra village.

Assad regime airstrikes targeted also Jisr al-Shoghur city in Idlib western countryside in addition to al-Ghasanye, al-Naqir, al-Kastan al-Tahtani and al-Taybat villages but without injuries.

In Aleppo southern countryside, two children Hafez Abdulhamid al-Husain who is a displaced civilian from Dalame village and Jalal Ibrahim from al-Zarbe village were killed while sheep grazing near al-Zarbe village when regime artillery near Shaghydle Dam targeted the area.

Opposition-held areas in Aleppo and Idlib countryside have been witnessing a continuous shelling by Assad regime backed by Iranian militias and Russian warplanes, Ariha city in south Idlib has been witnessing airstrikes for 4 days which killed 2 civilians and 7 others injured yesterday in addition to the death of 1 displaced civilian from Ghouta and 7 others injured in airstrikes on Ariha city.

سوريا ادلب حلب الخوذ البيضاء اريحا قصف ضحايا غارات جوية قوات الاسد جسر الشغور ايران روسيا الغوطة الشرقية

Joud Alshmale

Editor and reporter

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