Assad forces arrest young men in Tal Rifaat and Kafr Nasih without clashes with SDF or withdrawing from the region

The entrance to the city of Tal Rifaat in Aleppo northern countryside

On Friday, the Assad regime raided houses in the city of Tal Refaat and the town of Kafr Nasih in Aleppo northern countryside and arrested a number of young men in order to enlist them into forced recruitment.

A field source in the city of Tal Rifaat denied to NSO the reports that were posted by media sites and platforms about clashes between the Assad regime and the "Syrian Democratic Forces"-SDF in the town of Tal Rifaat and the town of Deir Jammal in Aleppo northern countryside, stressing that what happened is only arrests demanding young men wanted for compulsory service In the Assad army, the first time that the Assad forces enlist the young men into forced recruitment in these areas since the middle of 2012 when controlled by the "Free Army".

The two towns are under a shared control of the Assad forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces-SDF. The presence of "Assad forces" is limited to the outskirts of the city. The areas stretching from Kafr Nasih to Kafrnaya to the east are controlled only by the Assad forces.

The source was unable to identify the number of young men arrested for the purpose of their enlisting into forced recruitment, but confirmed that the raid took place without any fightings between the "Assad forces" and "SDF".

Local pages and news sites on social media websites posted yesterday that clashes erupted between the two parties in the towns of Deir Jammal, Kafrnaya, and Kafr al-Nasih after the regime enlisted the young men to forced recruitment and said that SDF raised its flag in these towns after the withdrawal of the regime.

"Syrian Democratic Forces-SDF" withdrew most of its fighters from the town of Tal Rifaat and the surrounding areas, which it seized with Russian support in 2016, and moved its forces to the city of Manbij and areas east of the Euphrates River.

In a related context, members of the regime killed a young man from the Hadid family in the town of Deir Jammal yesterday, and a number of relatives and neighbors of the victim mourned on social networking sites and shared his picture saying the regime killed him, without giving further details.

Tal Rifaat and surrounding areas are considered the focus of Turkey's Operation Olive Branch, which was supposed to hand over the city to the opposition factions that fought with it about a week ago under an agreement with the Russian side, but unclear complications arose and postponed work on it for now.

In December 2016, SDF took control of the town of Tal Rifaat and its surroundings, with the support of Russian air force, leading to the displacement of thousands of people to different areas, amid popular demands in the northern countryside of Aleppo to be returned to their town.

سوريا حلب قوات الاسد قسد اعتقالات تل رفعت تجنيد قسري الخدمة الالزامية الجيش الحر روسيا غصن الزيتون

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