Dozens of Civilians killed in building collapse in Idlib city following an explosion

Civil Defense (White Helmets) teams during removing rubbles of the building which collapsed after an explosion in Idlib city.

On Monday, at least 10 civilians including a child were killed and 45 others injured including 25 children and a number of women when a building collapsed after an unknown explosion in Wadi al-Naseem area in south Idlib city.

NSO reporter in the city said the whole building collapsed completely after an unknown explosion believed to be a ballistic missile fired by Russian warships in the Mediterranean Sea.

The reporter added that the search and rescue teams are still trying to search for survivors and casualties under the rubbles, adding that at least dozens of civilians are still under rubbles amid calls for Civil Defense teams in Binnish and Sarmin cities to head to Idlib to help in rescuing the civilians.

Local activists called the locals to head to hospitals and donate blood as there is a huge need for all blood types in hospitals due to the huge number of injuries.

Meanwhile, 2 civilians were killed and 4 others injured including 2 children in another an unknown explosion in the Industrial Area of Harze village north al-Dana city in Idlib northern countryside according to what Civil Defense said in its official website.

Idlib province has been witnessing a non-stop shelling and aerial bombardment from Assad forces and Russian warplanes focusing mostly on Idlib eastern, western and southern countryside, this bombardment caused hundreds of casualties and injuries among civilians in addition to the displacement of thousands due to the intense shelling and the regime advance. Lately, a number of displaced civilians from Eastern Ghouta were killed and injured in this shelling.

Joud Alshmale

Editor and reporter

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