Factions belong to the YPG encircle Raqqa city from 3 sides

Factions belong to the People's Protection Units YPG have encircled Raqqa city and countryside from 3 sides; north, west and east, today, Tuesday, after taking over "Jdayde khabour" in east countryside upon clashes with ISIL.
NSO reporter said that SDF dominated by the People's Protection Units YPG managed to overtake Jdayde Khabour after violent clashes erupted with ISIL since dawn.
The reporter explained that the coalition air forces have carried out tens of raids on the peripheries of the village, in addition to heavy mortars from hilecopture flights that targeted fighters and locations for ISIL.
The reporter confirmed that Raqqa city and countryside are almost encircled from Euphrates north bank area " Aljazira" after the coalition have destroyed all the bridges that connect the area with the south bank "Alshamiya".

Samir Yousef

A graduate of law, a human-right and media activist. NSO reporter in Malkiye and its countryside.  

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