SDF advance in Raqqa while shortage of fighters troubling its operation in Deir Ezzor

Silos area in Raqqa

“Syrian Democratic Forces SDF” was able to capture more than 80% of Raqqa city after the battle led to destroy two thirds of the city and displacement of more than 300k civilians.

NSO reporter said YPG-dominated SDF captured on Thursday Seeds Corporation, transportation committee, Tal Abyad bus shuttle and al-Dour office in north Raqqa.

Reporter added that fierce clashes with ISIS and dozens of intense international coalition airstrikes followed by SDF advance.

Reporter quoted Abu Haozan a SDF fighters who said SDF is trying to end the battle as fast as possible to move to Deir Ezzor and capture it saying US-led coalition started intense airstrikes to support SDF in capturing Raqqa city.

Abu Haozan continue saying the severe shortage of fighters among SDF is preventing capturing new areas in Deir Ezzor allowing Assad regime forces to capture areas around the city on the northern bank of Euphrates river.

Abu Haozan said the reason of the shortage is due to the huge area SDF control and the need for permanent military presence there in addition to failure of forced conscription after young men fled SDF-held areas.

Raqqa battle which was launched by SDF enters its 105 days causing the death and missing of more than 2000 civilians and displacement of more than 300k civilians to the countryside and destroying around two thirds of the city.

سوريا الرقة دير الزور قسد داعش الاسد غضب الفرات

Joud Alshmale

Editor and reporter

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