SDF civil council start removing rubbles from Raqqa but demining could take long time

A demolished street in Raqqa

On Monday morning, rubbles management workshops started working in Raqqa city after heavy vehicles was sent by international coalition to the local council formed by “Syrian Democratic Forces SDF” entered the city.

NSO reporter said SDF civil council rubbles management teams started working this morning after heavy vehicles sent by international coalition entered on Saturday and Sunday, the international coalition assigned 100 vehicles 30 arrived at Raqqa until today including bulldozers, trucks and tanks.

Field source told NSO reporter SDF council will remove rubbles by many levels, first will start opening primary streets then subsidiary road followed by demining by specialized squads gradually after dividing the city to sectors.

The source said civilian return will start partially in specific sectors after demining and cleaning it in addition to services like cleaning and waste management while water supplies will be available through mobile tanks.

The source ended saying more than 8300 mines now in Raqqa and removing them will take long time without mentioning specific period on how much time it will take.

Battle to capture Raqqa caused the destruction of more than 80% of the city due to international coalition airstrikes and the area still banned from civilians due to mines and IEDs according to SDF sources.

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Obada Al-Hussien

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