SDF allow al-Mashlap neighbourhood civilians to go back to their houses

Raqqa map with al- Mashlap neighbourhood which SDF allowed civilians to return to.

On Sunday "Syrian Democratic Forces SDF" allowed displaced civilians of al-Mashlap neighbourhood to return to their houses 4 months after leaving it. 

NSO reporter in Raqqa said YPG-led "Syrian Democratic Forces SDF" allowed civilians to return to their houses which they left when the battle to capture Raqqa started, saying about 3200 civilians returned to the neighbourhood which considered the eastern gate to Raqqa and first neighbourhood captured by SDF.

Lately residents of the neighbourhood protested to go back to their houses and some protests were faced with bullets by SDF which caused injuries among protesters. 

SDF told civilians they are allowed to return to al-Mashlap neighbourhood after demining squads cleared the area from  ISIS mines.

Worth to mention that dozens of houses in Raqqa were looted by SDF fighters while many were killed in a mine explosion in a house last month.

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Obada Al-Hussien

A journalist works in audio and written editorial. He writes for several electronic and paper-based Arabic newspapers and magazines.


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