PYD trying to break the will of its opponents by detaining women in Manbij

2 PYD counter-terrorism forces HAT members during graduation ceremony in Efrin in Aleppo northern countryside

On Thursday, PYD militias detained 30 women including one with her infant and 20 men including underage in Kherbet al-Souda village south Manbij in Aleppo eastern countryside under the charge of “espionage with ISIS”.

NSO reporter in Manbij said 75 Asayish and “counter-terrorism forces HAT” entered Kherbet al-Souda village 10km south Manbij after closing all three exits with machine guns-mounted vehicles then break into civilians’ houses and detained 30 women including one with her infant accusing their husbands of being ISIS fighters and detained 20 men including 12 years old kid, reporter said that PYD militias are massing in al-Ahaimer village east Kherbet al-Souda expecting any clashes with the village residents.

Our reporter was able to know the names of some detained women and men and they are: Qamar al-Hasan 18 years old with her 1 month old infant, Bodur al-Houshan 37 years old who is a mother of 3 children and her husband works in Lebanon, Hamide al-Ahmad 52 years old with her daughter Jalile al-Ahmad 27 years old who’s her husband works in Lebanon, Afaf al-Ahmad 35 years old, Maya Abdulrazek 50 years old, a woman called Karime married to Abed Abdullah with her daughter too, Riham al-Ahmad 26 years old mother of 2 and her husband was ISIS fighter but killed about 2 years ago in addition to wife of Ali al-Mohamad.

Among men reporter know: Farag al-Mohamad 50 years old with all of his family including his 12 years old son Osama, Abdulrazaq al-Shibli 37 years old, Mahmoud Hussain Abdulrazaq 50 years old and his known in the area for helping people with legs and arms injuries and he had a son who joined ISIS but was killed 3 years ago in addition to Aydan al-Moussa 50 years old who had a son who joined ISIS but killed 2 years ago.

Majority of the detainees are from al-Boubna clan one of the biggest clans in Manbij and its countryside who’s its members organized a big meeting in Fars al-Ajour village attended by around 3000 men and called for the release of the women immediately threatening of more serious steps in case their demands weren’t answered and said they don’t accept any member who claim to represent the clan with Assad regime or “Syrian Democratic Forces SDF”.

In mid-November SDF-affiliated Manbij Military Council launched arrest campaign targeted anti-PYD civilian activists and ex-members of FSA.

According to NSO reporter in Damascus the detention campaign targeted civilians activists who opposed lately forced conscription which PYD tried to imposed in Manbij in addition to local ex-FSA fighters who used to work in Manbij in mid-2012 but left it and stayed at Manbij after ISIS controlled the city in early 2014.

NSO reporter got names of some detainees and they are: Mone’m al-Haj Abed from Jeb Khamis village, Kamal al-Saho and Ali al-Sabon from Heimar Labde village, Hussain al-Kassoum from Um Jirn village and Barakat al-Sheikh from al-Hajar al-Abyad village.

A source close to PYD who prefers to stay anonymous said PYD military commanders who rule Manbij ordered to arrest anyone who oppose PYD and its militias in the area and anyone who had any relation or job with FSA or opposition and anyone who had a relative with ISIS even if he is dead.

This campaign comes after local protests and strike in Manbij and its villages against the forces conscription law PYD trying to impose in the area in addition to other events like assassinations attempt against Manbij Military Council commanders and foreign YPG commanders such us the assassination attempt against chief commander of Manbij Military Council Abu Adel and the assassination of Kurdish-Turkish PYD intelligence officer called Habob

Nezar Hmaidy

A graduate of law from Aleppo University. NSO reporter in east Aleppo countryside.

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