Governor of Aleppo promises the inhabitants of Helluk neighbourhood under the "YPG", a close return to the state and its services

The Helluk neighborhood's furnace after the People's Protection Units taking control of the neighborhood in 2016

The governor of Aleppo in the "Syrian regime government," the residents of the Helluk upper neighborhood controlled by the People's Protection Units (YPG) promised a close return to the "state and its services" in response to the residents' complaints about the lack of services during his visit to the neighborhood.

NSO reporter said the governer of Aleppo, Hussein Diab, visited al-Helluk al-Foukani neighborhood last Thursday, accompanied by members of the security branches of the Assad regime and the army. He met with its residents at the school of "Abdul Karim al-Saleh" (which was hit by an air strike using explosive barrels in early May 2014) , Promising them after complaining about the lack of services, especially electricity and water, that "the state and its services" will soon return to the neighborhood.

The reporter added that, in coinciding with the governor's visit, several maintenance workshops came from the areas of control of the Assad regime in Aleppo, to the district of Bustan Pasha, mostly controlled by "YPG" and began to repair the "water pipe" in the neighborhood garden, to pump water that has been cut off from al-Helluk al-Fawqi neighborhood for more than a year.

Other maintenance workshops have also begun to repair the bread furnace (zarra furnace) in the "Ein al-Tal" neighborhood adjacent to the Helku al-Foukani district, which is also under the control of the YPG, as local councils of "Autonomous Administration" do not have the capacity to repair it.

The media did not mention the visit of the governor of Aleppo to the neighborhood of Helluk, while his visits were aired the following day to other neighborhoods, including "Jamiliyah, Aziziyah, Saif state, Bab Jenin" and others under regime's control in Aleppo, as part of an inspection tour to improve the service reality in those neighborhoods.

The People Protection Units (YPG) took control of Al-Helluk (Al-Foukani and Al-Tahtani) in early December 2016, in addition to other adjacent neighborhoods, most notably Bustan Al-Basha, Baidain and al- Hedariyah, begining with Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, its main stronghold in the city of Aleppo, taking advantage of the military operation launched by the regime supported by a Russian air cover on the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, which was controlled by factions of the Free Syrian Army and Islamic battalions, and ended in full control of it, after an agreement between Russia and the factions, agreed on the deportation of the factions to the countryside of Western Aleppo.

The visit, according to activists (in conjunction with the regime and the "People Protection Units" controlling the areas lost by the military factions in favor of the parties) refers to the "friendly" relationship between the two sides. The activists of the PYD, see the relation between Assad's regime and PYD is "Necessarily a coalition, and dispute in core" pointing to the clashes that broke out between them previously, in areas of joint control in the province of Hasaka.

سوريا حلب الاسد YPG pyd افران الذرة الحسكة روسيا

Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University. 

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