Councils of "PYD" in Al-Hasakah sells fake rental contracts to the displaced people to get a "bail"

"Guairan" neighborhood in the city of Hasaka

NSO reporter in Al-Hasakah reported the sale of fake rental contracts to displaced people by the local council of the "Autonomous Administration" in "Guairan" neighborhood, which they use to secure access to areas under the control of PYD militias.

Abu Khalil, a resident of "Guairan" neighborhood, told the NSO reporter that the local council in the neighborhood has sold more than four thousand formal contracts for the displaced since last September 8 until December 17, for 5,000 Syrian pounds ("approximately US $ 11" Per contract.

Abu Khalil explained that the displaced can not get a "permit" to enter and stay in the area until a rental contract is obtained and presented to the council of the neighborhood "Alkumin", which gives them this permit at an amount of at least one hundred thousand Syrian pounds "equivalent to about 215 US dollars, However, many displaced persons have paid other sums to brokers in order to facilitate their obtaining the permit estimated at 25 to 50 thousand pounds.

The known neighborhood council or "Alkumin" is considered as the "smallest" social unit according to the "Autonomous Administration" administrative divisions. It consists of five members. every "Alkumin" groups a local council. The neighborhood councils are organizationally affiliated with the so-called "People's House", which affiliated with the Legislative Council In the city of "Amouda", north of Hasaka, headed by lawyer Hakam Khalo, and "Rojava" is the Kurdish name of "West Kurdistan", which includes areas controlled by PYD militants.

The population of "Guairan" is about 60,000, including some 4,000 displaced people, mostly from the eastern and western Deir Al-Zour countryside, in addition to some of the displaced from Al-Raqqa. Where the wave of displacement began since the launching of the SDF campaign to control the eastern and western of Deir Al- Zour coinciding with the beginning of the "Assad forces" campaign to control the same areas.

In the "Guairan" neighborhood, the displaced complain about the excesses of the "Alkumin" of PYD militia and the exploitation of their sufferings. The neighborhood has five "Alkumins" that provide services to the families of fuel, bread, gas, etc. And to report on the loyalty of the residents of the neighborhood to Autonomous Administration, nor can any transaction or rental contract be made without reference to these councils.

The displaced people in Al-Hassakeh are divided into several areas, most of them in camps, most notably the camps of "Rujm al-Sulaybi", "al-Sadd", "Mabrouka", "al-Hawl" and "Qana". Others are forced to sleep in the open. The PYD authorities have rejected many civic initiatives aimed at assisting the displaced or accelerating their crossing military checkpoints.

Farouq Hamze

NSO reporter in Hasakah


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