Security meetings and strict instructions, NSO reveals behind the scenes of the Assad regime formation delegation of "Hasaka province" to Sochi

The parties invited to the "Sochi" conference to be held in Russia at the end of January this year began to prepare their representatives, despite the refusal of most of the Free Army factions and opposition political parties to attend the conference.

These preparations come in the shadow of the vagueness of the mechanism for identifying the participants in the conference so far, or the mechanism of inviting them. Russia is supposed to invite the participants without the intervention of any Syrian political party, "to represent the Syrian components," nationally, religiously, politically and militarily and tribally with international reservations to some parties.

At the top of these reservations is Turkey's absolute refusal to send calls to the Democratic Union Party (PYD), which controls the Syrian Democratic Forces in large areas in the north of Syria, especially the province of al- Hasakeh, which the party sees as its biggest vital area and its power center, while the regime is racing in order to limit the province representation paper in his hands.

 Hasakeh .. Many parties and unclear destiny to participate in Sochi

The military and administrative control of al-Hasakeh is divided between the Assad regime and the Democratic Union Party (PYD), which imposed "Autonomous Administration" in the areas controlled by its armed forces. The two parties work to limit the representation of the governorate in its political and social events. While Turkey refuses to take part in any political conference on the Syrian issue with PYD, the leader of People's Protection Units YPG of PYD, Sipan Hamo, confirms that Moscow promised them that "Autonomous Administration" areas would be represented at the Sochi conference, and promised them the participation of 155 representatives from the region, according to the agency "Reuters".

On the other hand, the other Kurdish sides that are opposed to the PYD tend to be more inclined to the political position of the Syrian opposition. The Kurdish National Council, which is part of the Syrian opposition National Coalition, said that its position is in line with the position of the Syrian opposition to reject the Conference in its current form.

With the overlap in the province, exclusive information obtained by the NSO indicates Russian attempts to send individual invitations to tribal figures in the province. In the context, Sheikh Hamidi al-Jarba, Sheikh of the Shamar tribe and the joint president of the "jazeera province" in the "Autonomous Administration", received an official invitation through a Russian officer from the Hameimim base to attend the conference, not as an administrative but as a social face in Hasakeh.

A single invitation to al- Jarba and other dignitaries of the province refers to Russia's attempt to circumvent the Turkish objection to the participation of "Autonomous Administration" by sending separate invitations and to try to withdraw the figures of the US-backed administration by channeling these invitations to them in exchange for ensuring their agreement on specific points during the discussions.

For its part, the security services in Al-Hasakah are finalizing the formation of the delegation of personalities supporting the Assad regime from Al-Hasakah which was formed by security recommendations.

The NSO reporter was able to review the proceedings of a meeting of 47 officials invited by the regime with the Head of the State Security Branch in Al-Qamishli, Brigadier General Mahmud Muhanna, who was responsible for inviting 30 of them, in addition to Brigadier Ali Diab, And the head of the security and military committee of the province of Hassakeh, which ensures the invitation of the rest of the people, where the two brigadiers provided the participants with a set of instructions that they must adhere to during the conference, if asked to talk.

According to the information obtained by the NSO reporter in Qamishli, the number of invitees to the conference from the entire province of Hasakah is about 100, including 47 personalities identified by the Assad regime alone, while the rest of the invitees are supposed to represent the other parties in the province, including clans, parties, and formations, in addition to the "Autonomous Administration",the regime chose loyal figures in the province of Hasakah to be part of the delegation of the province to "Sochi", and was keen to choose from various components of the region.

After sending the invitation to the members of the delegation, they were asked to submit their passports in addition to their personal pictures, followed by a meeting of all the guests with the head of the State Security Branch and the head of the security and military committee at the headquarters of the National Defense militia in the security square in the city of Qamishli.

According to information obtained by the NSO from the meeting, Brigadier Ali Diab, head of the military security branch in Qamishli and head of the security and military committee of the province of Hasakah, appointed a committee of invited to lead the delegation consisting of five people, headed by the leader of "Tai" tribe, Mohammed Al-Fares founder and the actual commander of the militia, "the National Defense" in the city of Qamishli, during the meeting, two official spokesmen were also appointed on behalf of the delegation (Mohammed Al Fares, Fadel Hammad, Abdul Hamid Al Kandah and Abu Zoya).

During the meeting, the security officials provided members of the delegation with the instructions that they should adhere to at the Sochi conference, in addition to information that should not be addressed, if asked to talk there, where the focus was on several points, the most important are the following:

1- Syria's unity: Syria is a unified state, no to divide any of them.
2. The Presidency: The election funds are the ones to determine the president.
3 - The flag: There is one flag of Syria is the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic.
4. Constitution: A committee may be formed to discuss and amend some articles of the 2012 Constitution.

During the meeting, the regime's officials focused on several points, contradicting the goals declared by Russia, and contradicting even what the Foreign Minister told the Council of the Russian Federation mid-month that the agenda of the conference will include the preparation of a new constitution, the holding of general elections under the auspices of the United Nations, And a comprehensive reconstruction program for the country.

These instructions refer to the regime's attempt to close all the doors that may lead to political transition in Syria, in addition to not accepting the discussion of the destiny of its president, Bashar al-Assad, while the points to be discussed during the conference are limited to amendments to the current constitution, and holding elections will ensure the survival of Assad and the elements of his regime in power, and Russia also announced earlier that there would be no place for those demanding the departure of Assad in Sochi.

Moscow announced its intention to hold the conference since months. It planned to hold the conference at the Hameimim military base in Lattakia under the name of "The Conference of the Peoples of Syria". It would then be held in Sochi under the name of the "Syrian National Dialogue Conference", but it had to change the list of invitees and postpone the conference more than once.

NSO reveals a list of the most prominent personalities invited by the Assad regime to participate in the conference. The following are the most important names:

1. Muhammad al-Faris (the leader of Tay tribe, the founder and the actual commander of the National Defense militia)
2. Hamid al-Assaad (the leader of the Bany Saba'a clan)
3. Ghawar Al-Hesu (Sheikh of al-Rashed clan)
4. Mohammed Shaker (clan of Mahalmiya)
5. Mohammed Abdul Razzaq al-Tai (prince of the tribe of Tay)
6. Faisal al- Aazel (member of the Tai Tribe)
7. Alaa Rziku (tribe of Sharabeen)
8. Nawaf Saleh Bashar (tribe of Sharabeen)
9. Mezar al-Muslat (Al-Jabour tribe)
10. Fayez Al-Aaquoub (clan of Harb)
11. Khatib ailas al- Talab (commander of a national defense headquarters in Qamishli)
12. Abd al-Hamid al-Kandah (Mufti of Hasaka)
13. Abu Zoya (a Kurd from the Communist Party in Qamishli)
14. Sa'ad Sallou (a Kurd, director of a charity in Hassakeh)
15. Dr. Serup Baku Aziz (Christian)
16. Muwaffaq al-Salem (businessman)
17. Aamer al- Halloush (Merchant)
18. Dr. Omar Al-Aakquoub (Director of the National Hospital in Qamishli)
19. Mohammed Kneher (lawyer)
20. Dr. Najem Al-Humaidi (Dean of Al-Furat College, Al-Hasakah Branch)
21. Fadel Hammad (journalist and reporter of the Syrian news center in Hasaka)


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