Dozens of civilians killed in car bomb in the 30th Street in Idlib city

Civil Defense teams rescuing civilians from under rubbles destroyed by the explosion

On Sunday’s night, more than 20 civilians were killed and others injured in a car bomb in the 30th Street in Idlib city, the number of casualties is expected to rise as many seriously injured and no final count.

Activists told NSO reporter that the casualties reached at least 20 civilians including women and children and more than 50 injured, saying the explosion was a car bomb targeted “Ajnad al-Kavkaz” group in 30th Street in Idlib city.

Syrian Civil Defense in Idlib published on its official Facebook page that the explosion rock the 30th Street west the city causing dozens of casualties and injuries in addition to huge destruction in the residential buildings while Civil Defense teams hospitalized the victims and put down the fire caused by the explosion.

Activists on social media called civilians to head to “Clinics’ Hospital” in Idlib to donate blood saying hospitals need all blood donations due to the high number of victims and severe injuries.

On the other hand, many areas in Idlib province was intensely bombed by Russian and Assad warplanes caused the death of 3 civilians in Kafranbel city including a woman and a child, airstrikes also targeted Jarjanaz town, Saraqib city’s suburbs, Tal Toukan, Abu al-Dhuhur and al-Ghadqa town without injuries because majority of these towns’ residents left it according to NSO reporter in Idlib.

Idlib southern countryside have been subjected to intense aerial bombardment by the regime and Russian warplanes causing the death of 7 civilians including 5 children yesterday in Russian airstrikes on civilian neighbourhoods in Khan al-Sebol town in south Idlib.

These airstrikes while clashes between Assad regime backed by militias and Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham and other rebels groups as the regime trying to advance in the east and north Hama and south Idlib and Aleppo.

سوريا ادلب اجناد القوقاز سيارة مفخخة الدفاع المدني قوات الاسد الطيران الروسي

Joud Alshmale

Editor and reporter

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