An assassination attempt to a member of the PYD's "Raqqa Civil Council" in Tal Abyad

Chairman of the Reconstruction Committee in Raqqa Ibrahim al-Hassan

The head of the "Reconstruction Committee in Raqqa Civil Council" on Thursday evening, was subjected to an assassination attempt in the village of Hamam al-Turkman and was taken to "Manbaj National Hospital" in Aleppo eastern countryside.

NSO reporter said that unidentified gunmen attempted to assassinate the head of the PYD's "Reconstruction Committee in Raqqa Civil Council", the lawyer Ibrahim El Hassan in his house by a pistol with a muffler. He was shot four times in different parts of his body.

The reporter explained that the reasons and executors are still unknown after fleeing the incident site in the village of Hamam al-Turkman south of Sulook town north of Raqqa.

Al-Hassan was previously vice-chairman of the provincial council of the province of Raqqa, established by the Syrian interim government opposed to the Assad regime. His election term ended in 2014. He also served as a member of Raqqa Civil Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

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