PYD intelligence arrest Assad opponents in Hasakah and threaten to kill SDF Arab groups

PYD-affiliated counter-terrorism force HAT in Ayn al-Arab Kobane-Hawar Agency


PYD intelligence in Hasakah province arrested several anti-Assad opponents who were among FSA groups before in areas under SDF control in south Hasakah during detaining campaign started last week.

NSO reporter said masked PYD intelligence personnel with 4 pickup trucks ambushed Ajaja village near Shaddadi city south Hasakah last Sunday and surrounded several houses to arrest anti-Assad regime opponents who were given an amnesty by SDF after capturing the village in February 2016.

The reporter added that PYD intelligence arrested Assad opponent Aziz Da’as al-Dairi after surrounding his house while another group arrested Khaled Dahham al-Dairi 57 years old who according to the locals supported no one in the Syrian conflict.

The reporter said PYD intelligence arrested Aziz and Dahham and headed toward Hasakah city when they stopped at SDF checkpoint near al-Maylabyie regiment (Regiment 121) a group of SDF local Arab fighters followed them when they saw the detainees are local.

The reporter continues that PYD intelligence threatened Arab fighters from al-Baqqara tribe to kill them if they didn’t retreat to their checkpoint and stop demanding the detainees, saying intelligence force went back to intelligence HQ in al-Nasera neighbourhood in Hasakah city without information on the fate of the 8 detainees who were arrested since the campaign started.

On 23 January, PYD intelligence started a detention campaign still ongoing in Hasakah southern towns and villages against Assad opponents and ex-FSA Arab fighters.

Worth to mention that this campaign of arresting Assad regime opponents who were previously given amnesty by SDF after capturing their areas following battles with ISIS, comes amid Olive Branch operation launched by FSA groups backed by Turkey to capture PYD-held Efrin area in Aleppo countryside.

Farouq Hamze

NSO reporter in Hasakah


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