PYD militias in Hasakah countryside arrest Assad regime opponent after giving him amnesty

Assad regime opponent Mohamad Saleh al-Dairi

On Wednesday, PYD intelligence launched new arrest campaign in towns and village in south Hasakah against Assad regime opponents and ex-FSA fighters after a similar campaign launched 2 weeks ago.

NSO reporter in south Hasakah said PYD intelligence ambushed Ajaja village near al-Shaddadi city south Hasakah and arrested engineer “Mohamad Saleh al-Dairi” 29 years old after surrounding his house and took him to an unknown place after shooting in the air to scare the locals and prevent them from intervening.

According to the reporter, Mohamad Saleh al-Dairi is a prominent Assad regime opponent in south Hasakah and was a member of “Syrian Revolution General Committee” in Hasakah and among the people who were given amnesty by “Syrian Democratic Forces SDF” after capturing their areas following battles with ISIS in February 2015.

The reporter added that PYD intelligence ambushed the house of Dahham Abeid al-Dairi in the same village and shot at him but he managed to flee then left the village in fear of possible reaction from the locals after they heard the shooting.

A few days ago, PYD intelligence launched a similar arrest campaign in Ajaja village and arrested Assad opponent Aziz Da’as al-Dairi and Khaled Daham al-Dairi 57 years old who according to the locals didn’t support any part of the Syria conflict.

These arrest campaigns launched by PYD militias in Arab-majority areas in south Hasakah to arrest Assad regime opponents and ex-FSA fighters come amid Olive Branch operation launched by FSA groups backed by Turkey to capture PYD-held Efrin in north Aleppo.

pyd pkk YPG تركيا سوريا غصن الزيتون معارضة معتقل عفرين اعتقال إرهاب داعش قسد

Farouq Hamze

NSO reporter in Hasakah


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