Civilian casualties in airstrike on Idlib countryside and Binnish locals attack Salvation Government ‎Police Station

Civilians while attacking Salvation Government Police station in Binnish in Idlib countryside.‎

On Friday, 2 civilians were killed and 3 others injured in Assad regime airstrike on Idlib eastern ‎countryside while Binnish locals protested in solidarity with Saraqib and against armed groups and ‎HTS-backed Salvation Government.‎

NSO reporter said 1 civilian was killed in Assad regime airstrike on al-Ghadqa town east Idlib while ‎another civilian was killed in a similar airstrike on Ma’ardabse town.‎

Another 3 civilians were injured in Russian airstrikes on al-Rasafe, Maharim, Saraqib city, Tal ‎Mardikh, Khan al-Subul, Jarjenaz, Kafer Amimi, Sheikh Idris, al-Nabris and Maharim in Idlib eastern ‎countryside.‎

In the past two days, Russian airstrikes on Idlib eastern countryside damaged Kafer Amim water ‎facility which was covering Kafer Amim, Sheikh Idriss and Rayan and 20k civilians.‎

Local activists said the majority of the roads connected Maaret al-Noaman to Saraqib, Khan al-Subul, ‎Babila, al-Ghadqa, Jerjanaz and Ma’asaran are cut and targeted by Russian airstrikes and warned ‎civilians to use western sub-roads for their safety.‎

Meanwhile, Locals of Binnish city protested after Friday Prayers against armed groups for not ‎rebelling regime attacks and against Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham backed-Salvation Government.‎

The protesters accused local armed groups of not rebelling regime attacks on east Saraqib and ‎demanded to give them weapons to protect themselves.‎

The protesters also attacked Salvation Army Police station and tore Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham flag then ‎replaced it with Syrian Revolution flag.‎

Saraqib city witnessed an intense aerial bombardment caused the death and injury of dozens of ‎civilians in addition to the displacement of the majority of locals, NSO reporter said the city is almost ‎empty after more than 80% of the locals displaced while armed groups have no presence inside the ‎city.‎

Assad regime forces trying to advance toward Tal Touqan and Islambin village in east Sarqib after it ‎captured several villages west Abu Dhuhur airbase which position it almost 10km away from Saraqib ‎city if it captured the villages.‎

سوريا ادلب حلب قوات الاسد حكومة الانقاذ قصف غارات مظاهرات هيئة تحرير الشام المعارضة روسيا

Joud Alshmale

Editor and reporter

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