YPG Arrest Assad Regime NDF Commander in Qamishli Then Release him After his Unit Threats

Abdulaziz al-Ghanam the commander of Assad regime-affiliated NDF militias in Qamishli

On Thursday’s night, “People’s Protection Units YPG” patrol arrested the commander of Assad regime-affiliated “National Defense Forces NDF” Abdulaziz al-Ghanam who is the founder of “Qameshli Countryside NDF Unit” then released him after his units and fighters threaten to attack PYD militias’ bases.

NSO reporter in Qamishli said a YPG patrol arrested al-Ghanam on 10pm of Thursday’s night after it blocked his car near Dawar al-Sinaa near the Eastern Bakery then moved him to YPG headquarter in Hedaya hotel and detained him there.

Close sources to al-Ghanam told NSO that YPG fighters blindfolded him and took him to a secret detention center while the majority of Asayish checkpoints were alerted in anticipation of any response by NDF militias for arresting al-Ghanam.

On the other side, the source said NDF militias headquarters in Qamishli alerted all fighters after knowing al-Ghanam was arrested, the fighters shot in the air and threatened PYD militias of attacking their nearby checkpoints in Tai neighbourhood if they didn’t release him.

Meanwhile, NDF commander in Kherbet al-Asaad commander Hamid al-Asaad threatened YPG militia of attacking nearby Tal Hamis town and detained all Asayish personnel if they didn’t release his relative Abdulaziz al-Ghanam.

Amid the escalations and threats against YPG from relatives and fighters of Abdulaziz al-Ghanam they released him on 4:30 am.

Al-Ghanam is from al-Bani Sabaa clan and considered one of the founders of Assad regime-affiliated NDF militias since it was formed in Qamishli, and he also formed “Raqqa Countryside NDF militia” with his colleague Fadhel al-Horan to secure the Baath Party branch in Raqqa countryside in addition to fighting among regime forces in the latest battles against ISIS in Deir Ezzor with his 150 fighters.

A close source to al-Ghanam told NSO that al-Ghanam told him he was arrested to be killed but the threats of NDF commanders against YPG pushed them to release according to him.

Majority of Qamishli city’s neighborhood in Hasaka province are under PYD-led “Self-Autonomous Administration” while Assad forces control the Security Box of the city, this interference led to multiple escalations between both sides reached its worse in August 2016 when clashes lasted for days when Asayish forces arrested many NDF forces including al-Ghanam’s colleague and his partner in forming “Qamishli Countryside NDF Branch” Fadel al-Horan.

Al-Hiran survived an assassination attempt when YPG fighters shot at his car in al-Sina’a neighborhood in Qamishli city which injured him then he was transferred to a hospital.

YPG also assassinated an NDF commander close to al-Ghanam when YPG fighters shot him in front of his house in Qador Bek area in Qamishli in March 2014 a month after he and his group attacked the Western Bakery in Qamishli which was under YPG-held area killing and injuring several YPG fighters which caused a full escalation in the city between YPG and Assad regime forces.

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