A charity and the World Food Organization distribute "laying" chickens to poor people in al-Qamishli, that don't lay eggs

A flyer for the distribution of laying chickens on one of the distribution vehicles in Qamishli

A charity in collaboration with the World Food Program WFP has recently launched a project to distribute "laying" chickens to poor and needy families in the villages of Qamishli countryside, the residents found out after the distribution ended that the "laying" hens they have received do not lay eggs.

NSO reporter in al-Qamishli in Hasakah countryside, said that al-Wasl Charity Association launched a program to help those in need through the distribution of laying chickens to benefit from its production of eggs, where It started working on 27 February and distributed 9000 chickens in 42 villages. 15 chickens for each targeted family, with a special 50 kg bag of feed and cones for drinking with vitamins and sterilizers.

The distribution included some 600 families in several villages in Qamishli countryside, the most prominent of which were (Hayahi, Bujariyah, Rikabiya, Khermer, Bower, al-Bowlaziyah, al-Delliy, Tal al-Thom, Hamo, Qusair, al-Jarashwaniya, Jarmuz, Mas'ada, and Khazna, and other).

NSO reporter said that the director of al-Wisal Association, Hosni al-Rumayd, sent some staff about a month before the start of the distribution to the targeted villages, where committees were formed from the villages to register the names of the beneficiaries, added that most of the members of these committees registered the names of their relatives instead of really poor families, and residents received cages containing 13 or 14 chickens instead of 15.

NSO reporter said that one of the terms of the contract for the supplying of chickens by the approved association to be the chicken in the stage of "laying" eggs and able to produce since the receipt, adding that it has been for the distribution of chickens to these families for more than a week so far, not even one chicken has laid an egg.

A copy of the price quotation request for the supply of chickens for the benefit of the association, which contains all the terms and details related to the contract, is attached below.

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